The issues of system security will be relevant as long as the need and ability exists to share data among the two or more entities. As media publications show, necessity to protect all kinds of private data have increased manifold due to global proliferation of Internet. It is understood that there is no silver bullet and security requires careful planning, constant attention, and balanced desicion making.
That is why NetComm 2000, Inc. lays out its services as process allowing for staged implementation. Every stage can be revised and adjusted to the client's need / budget. Modular approach allows for embedding each part into independent security projects or make them a template for customized security solutions.

Security Audit
One can't protect his or her property without complete understanding on what is need to be protected. That is why the first stage is always a security audit of the enterprise. The audit is strictly confidential. NetComm 2000 and its employees will not release the results of the audit to anybody unless authorized by the client itself. Non-disclosure agreements can be signed based on individual requirements The audit includes: an establishment of understanding of the business model, an assessment of customer's assets and infrastructure, identification of internal and external threats, and a series of elaborate tests of internal and external security measures. As the result, a thorough report will be presented to the customer which will include recommendations for software, hardware, and topology changes needed to improve overall security. Weaknesses and strong points will be emphasized as well. This report can become a foundation for the creation of an enterprise security policy.

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Combofix was designed to scan a computer for known malware, spyware and remove them.
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